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for patients with Alzheimer's disease families, what is most worried about the situation? Of course the elderly lost. according to foreign media reports, U.S. manufacturers for Alzheimer's disease patients developed the world's first built-in tracking system for shoes, let the patient did not resist the case of shoes. The with a mini GPS system of shoes priced at two hundred pounds (equivalent to approximately HK $2500), and the general appearance of shoes is. Tracking and positioning system is embedded in the heel, so that family members of patients or caregivers can be downloaded to the intelligent mobile phone or through the computer software, the continuous monitoring of patient location. Users can also set up a "safe" range, range when wearing shoes were set away from the location, the shoes will start the alarm. shoes produced by the specialized micro tracking equipment GTX company and Aetrex footwear manufacturers joint research and development, it is the world's first designed for Alzheimer's disease patients shoes. Positioning shoes project consultant, George Mason University health and School of public service? "Andrew Karl said, positioning shoes not only can protect the patient, avoid embarrassment frequently, but also greatly reduce the patients because the costs for the lost. "The early Alzheimer's disease patients is particularly important, because they lost the highest risk, they may be missing a few days just hanging out." Carle also said that there are other GPS products on the market can cheap air jordans choose, but for patients is not practical, because patients who do not understand things off, so the GPS system must be hidden, positioning shoes do this, let the patient be positioned in the hidden in the unconscious the family will be at ease. GTX, chief executive of Delie Bai Bai Fontana said the intent of micro GPS system used to locate shoes are sports shoes designed for runners in, but the experiment showed that this kind of shoe is very suitable for use in patients with Alzheimer's disease, so the company changed the original intention. The first batch of 30 thousand positioning shoes have been introduced in the United States at the end of October, interested parties can go to the official website to buy. due to the problem of aging population, Alzheimer's disease can not be overlooked. Statistics show that currently the UK 500 thousand patients, and the number of patients in the United States more than 5 million people. (Editor: afnhk)In 2004, Nike SB launched a series of Baicheng City, which contains the following the white SB Dunk Low, and its minimalist design techniques created by the classic style won the recognition of many shoes. This time, Nike SB will be a new copy of the paragraph, the shoe body is still made of pure white throughout, with presents by the rubber outsole, in order to improve the wearing comfort, but also deliberately choose to create small sheepskin lining, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 304292-110 tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-2.j cheap foamposites pg (290.24 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-3.jpg (371.25 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-4.jpg (253.78 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-1.jpg (178.32 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown.jpg (172.49 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tok0Size? X Asics Tiger GEL-Kayano 2016-05-04 14:50:56 will be on sale day before size? And Asics Tiger again hand in hand, to bring you a brand new joint fund. The designer selected the current high popularity of GEL-Kayano as the blueprint, while the design inspiration is a symbol of the love of lavender, the whole body with elegant purple, suede material is to make its texture has been guaranteed. Bright colors, love and strong connotations, very suitable for this season. If you need some courage to say it, please wear it and speak your heart to your crush! It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in May 6th, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. Reebok DMX Run 10 " R.A.W." 2013-12-08 22:38:35 spy photos you remember in the Reebok DMX Answer 1 flow type air cushion Mody? Recently, the network exposure of a Reebok next year engraved Retro jordans for sale Reebok Run 10 DMX " R.A.W." running shoes, the shoes on the use of the DMX flow type air cushion of the same, but the exposure in different versions of slightly vamp vamp, using the material to create similar suede. Although not sure this shoe vamp, but believe that many friends can't wait to finish it as the classic DMX!Fashion brand Maison Margiela season in Belgium brought this pair of new "Multicolor Tie-Dye"'s signature shoes Replica Sneaker color. Classic low cylinder body with high-grade leather shoes with rubber soles, together through the tie dye technique presents the psychedelic and colorful patterns, lace and leather lining with beige as a contrast. It is worth mentioning that each side of the shoe also has a unique pattern. The shoes are on sale, priced at $600. Jordan Super.Fly 2 re exposure new color 2013-12-08 23:26:25 Jordan Super.Fly 2 in the earlier had been exposed to the network, on the net today exposed a new color Jordan Super.Fly 2, the body of the shoe to ice blue color with black lining, black lace buckle and black Jumpman Logo, new combat weapon, loyal to the real friends can look forward to it in the market.??????minecraft cool shoes app cupcake black and white jordan concords Mini Cakes cool shoes app cupcake" /〉 air force low max air vt camo for sale hello hydrangea Weaving How To Setting Up Heddle Rods amp Leashes minecraft cool shoes app cupcake recently on the INS once again collectors drying out Jordan 11 Low "Red Suede" Sample, you can see, at the same time, th buy cheap jordans online e PO master also on the foot of the "Black Suede"". Can only say drought, drought, death, waterlogging and death, do not know if these two shoes if sold, you will buy it? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!item: 832816-001 release date: June 4th once referred to "cut out" is a well-known designer Jeremy Scott and Adidas originals in joint cooperation shoes with wings completely hollow out wings 2.0, and overwhelmed bring is Nike WMNS regional a air max 1 cut out PRM. This cut design has also appeared in the Atomic Mango series, the main use of black shoes: high quality black leather uppers and black in the end. And at the vamp split specially set aside some micro gap, in the bright fluorescent green cloth connect, mix with the color of outsole, looks full of sense of design. There is no information available. Nike WMNS Air Max 1Cut Out PRMcolor: Black / fluorescent green number: 644398-002source: sneakernewsWeibo Company Cooperative Contact Us Copyright Beijing Seth Times Media Culture Co., Ltd. Copyright? 2015 SIZE media, All Right Reserved. Beijing ICP 13028176 Recently the network exposed pair of shoes is extremely rare, which is Nike to participate in the 2000 Olympic Games Payton build Nike Zoom GP II PE, the whole body of the shoe in white building, Payton's name embroidered on the upper two side, back number embroidered on the heel, and Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale followed the American flag is lit inside its meaning. A pair of classic shoes seem to pull us back to those days, and it is from that tournament after a dream start to fall from the peak, only to recover only gradually in recent years, the year of glory. various gentleman boots boots ILLEI recommended 2013-12-08 22:44:04 ILLEI was founded in 2007 young footwear brand, the brand was founded in Tokyo, Japan, is a former shoe factory , named after the designer Atsushi pestle field camp turn become footwear brand. Tian Atsushi pestle, with its many years of experience working in Europe and European designers, the system boots to Europe's top technology and Japanese Harajuku style blend, so ILLEI new brand in a short time to become Japan's domestic concern. This time ILLEI released its latest autumn and winter 2012 series, this series will cukuang locomotive wind and elegant gentleman style integration, to create a footwear line that has the breath of contradiction, friends who are interested can log on ILLEI Japan official website for detailed queries. system of hegemony "ten" engraved on 2013-12-08 23:36:17 For Chinese street ball, the August 24, 2013 is a memorable moment, this day, the country's street ball players gathered here, began twelve hours of street ball journey toward China Street Takeover ball championship trophy to launch the final impact. Street ball traveled in China more than ten-year period, such moments are rare, after 2005 Chinatour, this time the Chinese system of hegemony street ball tou air jordan 11 space jam for sale rnament will undoubtedly become a new milestone in the Chinese street ball, regardless Race day is the morning came to the door of the East alone waiting fans, or the teams worked hard on the court moments left, more importantly, it is that we are all back, whether it is on this court has long been famous Wu You, rabbit, Hotdog, or emerge newcomer Li Wenjun, "helmet man" and so on, on August 24, in Beijing's Dongdan basketball court, street ball associated with the Chinese people have come here, we witness together a Chinese street ball broke out again. The topic will be to interpret our eyes Chinese street ball tournament Takeover by ten key words. championship Want to be the Chinese system of hegemony champion is not easy, you not only have to face four strong opponent, through four tough fights, but one day up to twelve hours of the race but also for the players but also no small challenge. If you want to be a champion, you have to hit in the evening from the morning in this hot August day in Beijing, sinister sun is slowly sap your strength and will. CL Smooth team from Beijing in the withstand captain Wu You cramps end, the main striker Akin injuries such as multiple negative factors, or fight to the last, the final victory over 313 teams from Wuhan, China won the first game of street ball Takeover championship trophy. In addition to the Chinese system of hegemony champion, in the evening also produced another winner, and that is China Takeover street ball game dunk contest champion. Seven pow jordans on sale mens er button will take turns on stage to compete this time slam dunk champion. Final from Hebei Zhu Yan Miao live up to expectations, with a super strength off the dunk contest title this time. Team Prior to focus more on personal characteristics that period compared to Chinese street ball, street ball now pay more attention to China's battle with the team and between the players on the pitch everyone clear division of labor, to work together. Chinese street ball is no longer someone else on the court opened, watching the two people 1 ON 1. More and more defense, fill the seats, more and more screens, with the emergence during the match, the more similar to the strength of the two teams fight, fighting as a team the more they can become a key factor to win. Every team is composed of players, teams and players influence between each other through this mutual positive influence, so that people can see the street ball is no longer a simple individual performances, but a team the overall strength, people will not only remember this team, everyone this team is also never forget you in my heart. Captain For a team, captain of the team's core. This time the Chinese system of hegemony street ball tournament is highlighting the concept and role of captain. From the draw to heads-up for the entire game and then strategizing, captain every moment must be the first time to stand up. This time, the game, the two captain to the people left a very deep impression, one is from Sha jordan 3 katrina 2018 nghai's X-Battle of Hot Dog, after the first game led the team to the audience largest margin win over rivals, Hot Dog In affix his team qualify for the label of the moment, Hot Dog finger in the direction of their own team, excited roar. This allows people to see him and his team domineering and self-confidence, he let the fans know the scene, they are champions ran from. Another person is Ye CL from Beijing, after which the captain Wu You injury end, promptly stood up, and his teammates defeated the powerful X-Battle same strength Shanghai team after the game, Ye behalf of Miss You to qualify for the stage, labeled CL team in the finals of the label, at that moment, Ye is a captain. In the ensuing final, Ye also perfectly fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of the captain, so this trophy to stay in Beijing. singled Competitions The earliest dates back to before the heads-up on the first season the league organized by CL. Before the official start of the game, both teams will be a heads-up game captain, who served three points to the winner, while also singled score credited to precisely match them score. Singled in seven games in the day, the most interesting is undoubtedly the former Beijing and Shanghai showdown, both teams captain Wu and Hot Dog singled. As a Chinese street ball now two leaders, the two men duel are all very much looking forward. Singled whole process is very dramatic, both sides look provocation from the beginning, to the heads-up process of mutual Biao trash, jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black the score from 1 to more than 1,2 0,1 1,2 to 2 ratio, the strength is very close to two individuals are telling each other: I want to win, not so easy! Finally, Hot Dog Miss constantly under psychological offensive, lost the chance to win free throws. Miss You with a superb goal to make the game ended. In fact, regardless of the final game of the winner who is both the owner of the site has won the applause and recognition with a wonderful performance. against This time, the intensity of the game beyond imagination, proceeds to the final, two teams will fight for every ball basically. Each scored inside at all times been the focus of care for the defensive side, even foul, do not let you easily put the ball in the basket. For the other players double-teamed often focus on are the stadium, which also have higher requirements on the players basketball skills, you have to dribble through more skillful to ensure that they will not be Taozou ball defender, and opponents had lost. High-intensity combat and defense to the scene on the field off their feet often. defense In the past, people's minds, street players dribble offensive and are great, but the defense has been a weakness. But by this time the Chinese system of hegemony street ball game, so that people can see the new style of Chinese street ball. Chinese street golfers defensive awareness greatly enhanced, either one or double-team defensive defense, they are like people to show another side of Chinese st jordans on sale online reet golfers. It also proved once again that the sentence: Whether your game more bars, the action has done more gorgeous beautiful, your basic skills are the most important prerequisite for everything to score, and all also have to let your opponent score as a precondition. In the finals, Qiang from Beijing CL, the people the impression that magnificent point guard in the game, through his own defense successfully faced down the other's important to score points, as the team finally achieved guarantee victory. new On the Chinese Takeover street ball tournament, there is a special team, that is known as Team Dongdan national elite team, this team is by every player in the city before the selection trials come out the winner. So compared to other teams, these players be accompanied by a system of hegemony Chinese street ball tournament along the way. They each have their own style characteristics, but the most important thing is that they made before the Chinese hegemony street ball tournament beginning has been dogged by his own performance in the regional trials show their belief. Although they are new, though they are in the first game to face seasoned Wuhan 313 eventually defeated, but singled out from the beginning to the last second of the game, they insist on fighting, "helmet man" day in court Ji finally got what they wanted in the final period, put on a helmet, and the opponent come to a head in the face of confrontation. fans If this game the most difficult person, than sitting on the sidelines watching fans. From August 24 in 1:00, the fans had to wait at the door Dongdan basketball court, and look forward to admission, there are a lot of fans came from overseas through a variety of means of transport Beijing gathered to Dongdan, it is The Chinese see the street ball tournament style system of hegemony. We can say that they adhere to the playing field players much longer time, from 9:00 am start of the race, they sat on the edge of the seat arena, stadium or on the ground side. Because space is limited, a lot of people can not enter inside the basketball court, soccer field in the north, in the south of the parking lot, also stopped a lot of fans watching the game separated by a layer of barbed wire. To the end of the game has been close to eleven o'clock, some fans still remain on the court dismay to leave, because they know you want to look at Chinese street ball tournament Takeover There may have to wait another year. dunk I believe is everyone dunk basketball fans the ultimate goal and dream, but because of many factors, not everyone can complete their dream dunk. On this Chinese street ball tournament system of hegemony, the organizers also designed part of the dunk contest. In the NBA arena, and only All-Star Game will be held this time, with respect to the Chinese street ball, this time the Chinese system of hegemony street ball tournament also tantamount to a brilliant basketball carnival. Seven deduction will be full debut. Among well-known members of MIC CREW dunk groups, as well as street ball tournament Takeover team players, there will buckle from Beijing native, various styles of deduction will also be to showcase their wonderful buckle technology, although Zhu Yan Miao people are looking forward to the final did not buckle into the buckle, but his previous two sensational dunk enough to allow him to lay the first two rounds of the championship by tonight. sneakers and basketball shoes is the most indispensable of the topic, and the game players wearing all kinds of players you to show their difference. Spectators and fans at the stadium are also wearing their best equipment to go to this game of street ball feast. Wukong famous street ball veterans from Beijing CL although did not play, but he was sitting on the sidelines cheering for his team. It is worth noting that on the day he wore a pair of the first year of Air Jordan 1 shoes. You're not wrong, this is the pair from 1985's Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan trend although it is hot, but you want to find a pair of Air Jordan 1 is not the first year is easy. This time the Chinese system of hegemony street ball tournament and slam dunk contest, in addition to the trophy, the winner can get the latest pair of Nike sneakers. For these street golfers alike, the right pair of shoes is their weapon to conquer one of the stadium. still in the streets, still on the road Chinese street ball tournament with the lighting system of hegemony Dongdan basketball court even under dark toward the end, but the Chinese street ball has been jumping in the streets, running on the road. From around 2000, people began to thunder acquaintance hop street basketball through advertising, to 2004, AND1 Mixtape streetball tornado these shares to the world, but these things also affect China's street player, so first generations of Chinese street players grow up along with these tapes. 2002, around 2003, China's street ball enthusiasts have their own website Wah Street street ball with Street League, in 2003, he was still a student of Wu You and your little friends together to form the prototype of today's CL Smooth, 2005, CSBA Chinatour first player to make the street around the country to come together, and for the first time let street ball to the country, in 2008, "God dispossessing" Let those street ball video first came idol China, let China's first with street players who may be their idols before the players for the first time dialogue. In this process, China Street ball is also stalled for some time, of course, this is a thing every stage of development the only way, and now they've gone through that period of dormant period, by 2013 the Chinese street ball Takeover Chinese street ball tournament to tell you it never stopped footsteps on the road ahead will be further and further away, the Chinese system of hegemony street ball tournament is just the beginning, I believe the near future, the Chinese street ball will bring them love it People even greater surprise and joy.

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